Evan Thaxter

Technical Systems Designer


Hey there! I'm Evan Thaxter, a technical systems designer with a passion for elegant, evocative mechanics. For as long as I can remember, my favorite games have been the ones that use simple mechanics to efficiently convey their target experience. With extensive skill in both coding and design I can not only implement interesting systems myself, but also harmonize communication between design and programming needs.


A game jam project made in a week. The player's goal is to climb trees by controlling the character's hands individually. As sole developer, I designed and implemented all the game's systems myself, in addition to creating all art and music.

Pleading Flames

A first person survival horror game where the player uses an industrial flamethrower to escape a monster infested spaceship. Being the team's lead designer, I organized our team's programming to help make our systems as compelling as possible.

Murder at Scramble Station

This project is an advanced seminar game about solving a procedurally generated film-noir mystery. The mystery includes generating and simulating NPC lies and mistakes, and allowing the player to uncover the truth by using logic and deduction. My goal was to make sure the player was not only able to feel the uncertainty caused by NPC lies, but to also ensure that there was an ability to unravel the web of procedural deceptions.