Evan Thaxter

Technical Systems Designer



Hey there! I'm Evan Thaxter, a technical designer with a passion for elegant, evocative mechanics. For as long as I can remember, my favorite games have been the ones that use simple mechanics to efficiently convey their target experience. With extensive skill in both coding and design I can not only implement interesting systems myself, but also harmonize communication between design and programming needs.

As a graduate from Champlain College, I have strong working experience in Unity, Unreal (C++/Blueprint), Lua, Godot, and many more languages!


(Solo Project, Godot)

A game jam project made in a week. I used the Godot game engine's transform and physics systems to create tactile momentum based movement, and custom inverse kinematics.

Murder at Scramble Station

(Solo Project, Unreal 4)

A project about solving a randomly generated film-noir mystery. I used existing Unreal Engine data structures and visual scripting to store and recall procedural NPC alibis.

Pleading Flames

(Team Project, Unity, Systems Designer)

A first person survival horror game. I created documentation and assisted with implementing UI and other mechanics in Unity.