who am i?

Evan Thaxter is a Designer, Programmer, Artist and Composer for Games

I think games bring people together. When I was little, my father mother and I always took time to sit down and enjoy playing the original Spyro, and my little siblings could only ever stop arguing with each other when they had to team up to beat me in Super Smash Bros. I saw the ways that play brought us together, and wanted to bring that to other people.

At age 12 I committed myself wholeheartedly to my dreams, and decided to focus on crafting each and every part of the games I made. I began my journey into coding, composing, and drawing at around the age of 14. As I grew, I found myself unable to seperate into any one of those tasks.

I'm currently a game design major at Champlain College. I've made a lot of projects while there, and I can't wait to make more!